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Tailored campaign strategies that meet current business goals and objectives

Communicating Your Brand To The World.

We are not a one size fits all agency. We believe in true alignment from start to finish, and we spend as must time needed to get to know your company inside and out. So when we go out to represent your company we can reflect your passion for what we do in every media interaction

How does it work?

We study your competition and find opportunities for differentiation, brand-building and effective audience engagement. Together we develop effective messages and an easy-to-execute strategic plan designed for consistency, impact and accomplishing your organizational goals.

Our Process

Services Offered


We identify and analyze short and long term goals, as well as examine where the organization stands right now.


Create customized events that communicate your brand message, whether you require one spectacular launch or seek to expose your product in multiple markets with simultaneous or consecutive live events.


We understand the value of organic media by creating a strategy that generates more organic traffic for your site and helps your brand’s positive content rise on the search results page.


We help clients develop execute and manage multi-faceted digital media campaigns that enhance the visibility for brands and help build connections with audiences.


We maintain outstanding relationships with influencers in all arenas of lifestyle, entertainment, business, sports, and popular culture. Our expertise as an influencer marketing agency allows us to match the right influencer to your brand, service, product or event.

Monthly progress report

At the end of each month you will get a progress report with all the details concerning your campaigns.

Our Packages


  • 6 posts (social media/1 channel)
  • 2 blog articles
  • Bi-weekly calls
  • Monthly meeting
  • Strategy plan
  • Quarterly milestones
  • Content Strategy
  • Press release (1 article)
  • Monitor and respond to online reviews
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  • 20 posts (social media/1 channel)
  • 4 blog articles
  • Weekly calls
  • Monthly meeting
  • Strategy plan
  • Quarterly, and annual milestones
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Press releases (2 articles)
  • Monitor and respond to online reviews External linking to reputable and relevant sites to drive traffic (3 hours)
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  • 40 posts (social media/2 channels)
  • 10 blog articles
  • Weekly calls
  • Monthly meeting
  • Strategy plan
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual milestones
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Press releases (4 articles)
  • Monitor and respond to online reviews External linking to reputable and relevant sites to drive traffic (6 hours)
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Our Starter plan is similar to our Basic plan except for:


*All plans require a minimum 6 month commitment. All plans will be billed automatically at the first of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is public relations?

At its core, PR is about building trust and often includes creating a strong brand and great reputation to allow you to build relationships with the public (or many publics). For your company, those relationships might be with the general public; consumers – potential customers and clients; investors; employees; government officials, agencies and regulators; and the media. Your relationship with any of those audiences may or may not be mutually beneficial at any given time. Great PR creates mutually beneficial relationships and incites change. Great PR can help you change behaviors and opinions in your favor.

Why should I use PR instead of advertising?

No one tunes into the news to see who’s advertising; people switch to news channels and visit news websites because that’s how they ensure they’re informed, educated and entertained. Do you regularly turn to any website, TV show, newspaper or magazine for the advertisements?

Should I hire a PR firm or do it myself?

It takes time to develop and execute an effective PR campaign. Weigh the value of the time you’ll spend on PR against what you could accomplish in the same time if you focused your efforts on your own expertise: your business. Panhan Creative Public Relations generates earned media coverage for our clients full time. We know the ins and outs of pitching stories, writing and distributing news releases, scheduling speaking engagements and developing contact lists and relationships with the media. Make sure you consider these key points before you decide to handle your public relations in-house.

Do I need a PR firm that specializes in my industry?

No. There are many reasons not to hire an industry-specific PR firm, including the inherent conflict of interest that comes with representing companies that compete with each other. Specialized firms are often stale and only reuse the same ideas and tactics over and over again. Creativity is transferable between industries; it’s more important to get ideas across industries than within an industry. Our experience shows that we can be successful in any industry. Our diverse industry experience trumps narrow, niche experience and allows us to avoid conflicts of interest. Our client diversity helps us see trends and think objectively and horizontally, bringing innovation from one industry to another.

How much does public relations cost?

Investing in professional public relations is a lot like buying a new car. With so many different models and options available, the costs vary considerably between $2,500 to $30,000+. Monthly public relations campaigns with Panhan Creative Agency start at $1,000 for small business public relations campaigns up to $3,500 for local and single-audience PR solutions.

How long is the contract Panhan Creative requires?

PR is a long-term endeavor. We offer our services on a monthly basis with a 6 month minimum commitment.

Does Panhan Creative Public Relations guarantee results?

No. There are many business, economic and third-party factors outside of any public relations professional’s or firm’s control, including product, service, price, demand, market, quality, competition, consumer behavior and preferences, media bias and major events. Therefore, Panhan Creative Public Relations offers no guarantees, warranties or refunds on its services. Any individual or organization offering you a guarantee may be in violation of the Public Relations Society of America’s code of ethics, which highly discourages such behavior. Clients will often engage in a base-plus-bonus compensation model with our firm to encourage us to reach specific measureable results. We find that these relationships work very well and we are eager to discuss such an arrangement with you.

Are social campaigns adjustable?

We will constantly tweak social media campaigns until we achieve the perfect campaign. Our goal is to ensure you are receiving the maximum ROI for your social media campaign. Studies show that people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and the ROI on public relations leaves advertising’s ROI in the dust. People have trained themselves to ignore advertising. For less cost than advertising, PR creates a more credible message.

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