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Social Media Trends For 2018

by Bailie Myers

The digital landscape is changing. Social media is one of the most powerful tools for business, and it evolves frequently. As social media continues to expand and evolve, it’s important for marketers and business owners alike to keep up with the changes. What’s most important for you to know regarding social media trends in 2018? The following should give you an idea of what to expect.

Increase In Social Media Investment

We should see an increased amount of time spent refining social platforms, with brands committing larger investments to social media marketing. While you want to use social media to rise above your competition, you don’t want to waste time or money on things that won’t stick around very long. The following information will help you determine what is worth your investment in 2018.

Less Organic Reach

Thousands of businesses are increasing their social media presence. Because of the drastic increase, social media platforms are making moves to combat spam and create better user experiences. Marketers have to fight a decline in organic reach due to these changes. Brands have to be more selective when it comes to their social media marketing. A brand must be more careful when it comes to where, when, and what they post.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories appeared in 2017. Although Snapchat was the first to let users post short, temporary videos to their stories, Instagram has far surpassed their reach. Within the first year of the launch, Instagram stories have surpassed Snapchat’s view count with around 20 million views a day.
If a brand wants to connect with their customers on Instagram this year, they must take time to get on board with the stories feature. Stories give brands the chance to showcase their culture and personality.

More Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live has been around for a while, but the way users utilize this feature is going to change. We’ll see more live streaming in 2018. If it’s done well, brands can generate significant organic reach. Many brands incorporate live streaming into their monthly content strategy. We should expect to see other platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn take advantage of this trend soon.

Additional Conduct Policies

Social Media platforms are rethinking how they control their users. Facebook has increasingly invested in AI and human forms of monitoring. We saw a few graphic live streams in 2017. Because of this, Facebook has hired more staff to monitor content. Other platforms should start to implement additional measures to monitor the content users upload.

Your social media approach needs to evolve with the above changes. Creating clever, timely content is as important as ever. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to content creation and social media management, we can help. Panhan Creative is a full-service marketing company based in Amarillo, Texas. We can help expand your reach through SEO and social media. We are here to help you reach your marketing goals. Contact us if you would like to discuss the services we offer. You can also view our Facebook page and leave us a message. Let us help you become an industry leader in your area.

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