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Google Set To Flag Websites Without SSL Certificates

by Bailie Myers

Beginning this July, Google will flag your website if you don’t have an SSL Certificate. Online security is necessary in a world where thousands of people hop online each day to ask questions, buy products, and request services. If you are a business owner, you rely on your website for numerous business functions. The last thing you want is for Google to flag your website as “not secure”. When users see such a warning, they often abandon the site. The flag will also lower your website’s ranking in search engine results. Read below to learn about SSL Certificates and how to secure your website.

What’s an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates authenticate the identity of a website. They also encrypt information sent to the server using SSL technology. Encryption scrambles data into an undecipherable format. With the proper decryption key, you can return the data to a readable format. The process protects information on and sent through your site.

Does this really apply to me?

Your website should have an SSL Certificate, regardless of your industry. SSL Certificates are especially important if your website collects sensitive information, such as credit card information or passwords from users.

How to secure your website

You can obtain an SSL Certificate from a CA (Certified Authority). Once you have this certificate, your website will communicate with users through encrypted, non-corruptible daa. Your SSL Certificate will also serve as a stamp of approval that says your site is secure and legitimate.

What is done during the encryption process?

The CA must approve the certificate, a full backup of your website is then completed, your internal links are changed, code libraries are checked, external links are updated, and a 301 redirect is created. The process takes time, but securing your site is worth the investment.

Hiring a professional

Not sure your website is secure? Need help updating and maintaining your content? Panhan Creative offers Enterprise Care Plans which include an SSL Certificate for your website. Our full-service marketing company can help expand your reach through SEO and social media. We are here to help you reach your marketing goals. Contact Us if you would like to discuss the services we offer. Let us help you become an industry leader in your area.

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