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How To Know You Need A Website Redesign

by Bailie Myers

Consumers head online to get product reviews and service information from nearby businesses. Since many people visit a company’s website before visiting their brick-and-mortar location, website design is essential to making a great first impression. Despite an increase in web traffic through the years, many companies have not refreshed their design. If your website is not mobile responsive or easy to use, your reach is significantly decreased. A website redesign may be a necessary investment for your businesses. If the following applies to your website, it’s time to invest in a redesign.

Old and outdated design

If your website was designed ten years ago, it’s time for a new look. You may have had great content and a fantastic layout when your website was first designed, but things need to be refreshed and updated. With a website redesign, you will have a mobile responsive, cohesive look that is easy for visitors to navigate.

Outdated content

Content is nearly as important as design, but many people put content creation on hold. Refreshing your content is a great way to draw visitors to your website and set your business apart as an industry leader. Blogs are a valuable feature that allow for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and engaging content to share through your social media channels. Even if you choose not to blog, it’s still important to post new information or events. If the same content has been on your website for several years, a redesign is the perfect time to refresh that information.

Your website was a DIY project

Small business owners are intuitive and entrepreneurial – so it makes sense that a business owner would attempt to create a website themselves. With a ton of web design books on the market, many people believe the process is relatively simple. A great design requires the knowledge and skill that a pre-made template cannot provide. In addition to the way the website looks, there are other important factors at play. You need to have an understanding of SEO, code, and how to maintain your website. If you attempted to design on your own, it’s best to have a professional take a look and help you improve or redesign the website from scratch.

Hiring a professional

Ready to redesign your outdated website? Panhan Creative is a full-service marketing company based in Amarillo, Texas. We can help expand your reach through SEO and social media. We are here to help you reach your marketing goals. Contact Us if you would like to discuss the services we offer. Let us help you become an industry leader in your area.

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