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Photography Tips For Social Media

by Bailie Myers

With millions of images posted to the web every day, it’s important for yours to stand out on social media. How can you take engaging, stylish photos for your social media channels? To bring your images to the next level, here are five tips for social media photography. Keep these in mind when you are making posts.

Framing and composition

The rule of thirds is one of the first things you are taught in photography or art class. Photos are more visually appealing when the subject is placed in the left or right third of the frame, rather than the center of the photo. To understand this, visualize your photo in thirds. The technique causes a viewer to spend more time viewing the picture. Since the advent of Instagram and square photography, this technique has become more difficult to accomplish. With square photos, placing your subject in the center should work just fine.

Upload high resolution images

It’s better not to upload an image at all than upload something blurry. You should make sure your images are large enough to be viewed on all screen sizes. More than half of all media is viewed on mobile devices, but at least 42% of people still view media on a desktop. The quality of your social media content matters, and that includes the resolution of your images.

Hashtags and sharing

If you are disappointed with how many people are viewing your photos online, try researching different hashtags that may apply to your business and images. You can also tag groups that may be interested in your products and services. If you create meaningful conversations through imagery, you will definitely see a boost in your shares.

Recruiting social media help

Need someone to help you create clean, high-resolution images for your social media channels? Panhan Creative is a full-service marketing company based in Amarillo, Texas. We can help expand your reach through SEO and social media. Contact Us if you would like to discuss the services we offer. Let us help you become an industry leader in your area.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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