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3 Reasons Social Media Marketing Works For Small Business

by Bailie Myers

Social media marketing used to be a nice idea for small businesses with enough time to come up with an occasional post or two. In today’s marketing world, with a number of consumers going online for product reviews and services, social media marketing is a must. Companies large and small can benefit from marketing through various social media channels.

If you own a small business, you should be especially grateful for the rise of social media. The powerful marketing tool has somewhat leveled the playing field for you to compete with leaders in your industry. Social media marketing allows small business owners to establish their business in the market and grow profitably through ad campaigns or cleverly timed posts. Here are three ways social media marketing can work for your small business.

Extensive reach

Small businesses need to be visible and known within the community. Thanks to social media marketing, this can be done through channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media offers a tremendous marketing reach. You can reach consumers across the globe, or you can focus on those within your immediate area.

Maintaining relationships with past clients

Word of mouth and return customers are the lifeblood of small business. In addition to generating leads and basic marketing, social media allows a small business to cultivate and maintain relationships with established clients. Your social media channels can portray a personal connection with each customer, which is something many consumers desire. This back-and-forth also allows for suggestions on how you can grow your business, straight from your customers.

Inexpensive ads

Instead of spending thousands on signage, you can boost a social media post rather inexpensively. This allows you to display current products and services to your customer with the option to remove it as soon as it no longer applies. Have a flash sale? A quick post or tweet will send information to hundreds of potential customers.

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